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Moms Working From Home Can Work!


As a lot of you already know, I am a full-time mom. My field of study is education and up until recently I was a full-time teacher as well as a new mom. I know one day I will return to the workforce, mainly because that’s a desire of mine, but I sure do cherish the time I have now to spend with my baby girls.

I have tried to find some ways of contributing to the household financially, but right now my contribution is no daycare fees, yummy lunches and dinners, and a somewhat clean house 🙂

However, there are a ton of stay-at-home moms who have been able to find ways of making an income out of their own house while walking around with a baby on their hip. Today I wanted to feature one of these awesome moms.

Amanda Luton is a childhood friend of mine who grew up loving fashion and making all of us other girls wish we could kick a Ked, blue-jean skirt and scrunchy like she used to back in the day. Amanda went on to study Fashion-Merchandising and Marketing at the University of Nebraska and I believe she spent some time working in her field. But like most moms, once those babies started to come the desire to stay at home was overwhelming.


Amanda did choose to become a stay-at-home mom, which is one of the least appreciated “jobs” in the world;however, she didn’t give up on her love of fashion. Actually, she turned it into a small business ran out of her house.

Here is what Amanda has to say about how she got started:

“I started Goat & Lulu as it is now, when I was pregnant with my third baby. I love boutique clothes for my two daughters, but since I also love for them to coordinate or match, I was having a hard time finding cute, colorful, and age appropriate options that I could afford! Buying two $70 outfits for every holiday and special occasion was just not going to work for me, so I started making simple dresses for my girls, and matching t-shirts and onesies for their little brother on the way! As I started posting things I’d made on facebook and in my etsy shop, I realized that there were a lot of moms out there that wanted to dress their kids like I did, in unique and playful clothes, but didn’t want to have to spend a fortune on coordinating outfits! I started getting a lot of custom orders from friends and family, and as word of mouth spread, I began to get more and more customers. Goat & Lulu was officially a small business!”


I’ve been watching Amanda’s line of children’s clothing grow over the past year and it has been really inspiring. It’s awesome to see a mom, who I know goes all out for her kids, to also find the time to work on her own dreams.

Obviously, doing something like this takes some sacrifice and a ton of hard work. When asked about how she manages it Amanda responded with the following:

“It is difficult to manage the balance of stay at home mom to three, wife, and small business owner, but I feel like I am fulfilling my need for a creative outlet, contributing to our household finances, and showing my children that with a lot of hard work and persistence, you can turn a passionate hobby into a dream job! There is nothing better than having the flexibility of running my business at home, on the floor in my jammies, and taking coffee breaks for storytime with the kids. It is certainly the best of both worlds.”

Here are just some examples of the items Amanda designs and sells (the adorable models are her kiddos)


Way to go Amanda! And she’s not the only one of my friends who has been successful at starting up their own small business while still staying home with their kids. So moms out there who have a desire to stay at home but also have a need to add to the household finances take this as an encouragement that you can do it! Find something you love and turn it into a business! I have friend who make bows, one who paints personalized signs, one who does computer graphics, one who designs children’s bedding and one who makes awesome kid’s clothing. What could you do from home? Go brainstorm and ask God to give you inspiration.

Thanks Amanda for your inspiration to other stay-at-home moms!

Check out Amanda’s clothing in her etsy shop. Just follow the link below:



Awesome Jewelry Organizer


I love jewelry! My favorite kind is not the expensive real stuff, but the fun costume jewelry you can find at Target, Claire’s and department stores. I especially like it when I can walk out of a store with five new pieces of jewelry yet spent less than ten dollars. I am always looking for a good sale! And the best part about jewelry is no matter what my waist size happens to be that month, my jewelry always fits perfect.

My jewelry habit didn’t really pick up speed until recent years. During college I always wore the same three pieces, and every now and then I’d buy some new earrings. But now I realize the awesome power of jewelry; you can take an outfit you’ve worn a ton of times but add some different jewelry to it and presto change-o you have a totally new look! Buying jewelry is much cheaper than new clothes and it’s a fun way to incorporate trendy fashions on classic looks.

Because I began buying so many new pieces, I started running into the problem of where to put it all (this is a good problem I might add). I tried the draw-string silky jewelry pouch….didn’t work, my necklaces got all tangled. I tried the fold up hang down jewelry organizer…didn’t work either, made it too hard to see what all I have. But then when I thought my jewelry problems were here to stay I stumbled across the most beautiful picture ever displayed on Pinterest!


This lovely little charmer can be found on Spirit Ranch Creations. It’s hand made and wonderful!!! Husbands reading this out there, if your wife loves jewelry and has a ton of it in ten different places taking over every solid surface in your bedroom and/or bathroom, then this would be the best gift to give. My hubby, after several apparent hints, bought me this for my birthday two years ago. Love it! It makes it so easy to see all of my stuff! I am almost at the point where I need to get a second one though……

So if you’re like me and you LOVE the dangles, hoops, bangles, beads, feathers and pearls then you should for sure hook yourself up with this great organizer!!!!! Your welcome in advance 🙂

Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!