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“If you’re okay, then I’m okay”


In my Young Adult small group we are going through the Francis Chan series called BASIC. Last night we were on the topic of Following Jesus. (Great series by the way) At the end of class we watched a quick clip from The Skit Guys that was really good. The concept of the script they were acting out was set between an Atheist and a “Follower” of Christ. During the skit the Atheist asked the Christian what he did that weekend and the Christian said he went to church and God showed up. The Atheist then asked what it meant that God showed up. The Christian could not give an answer and then the atheist went on to point out that there was no difference between that Christian and himself. He said that if you asked anyone who was friends with them both if they were any different that the answer would be no. The only difference between them was that the Atheist got to sleep in on Sundays and the Christian didn’t.

But then the Atheist went on to say something very powerful, he said that if the Christian was okay then so was he. Meaning that if the Christian can live like he is living and believes that when he dies he will go to heaven, then the Atheist has nothing to worry about because they are practically the same person.

You can view this skit by clicking on the following link. The portion I’m referring to starts at 8:20 of the eleven minutes, but the whole skit is great and really funny so give it a watch.


We talked about this idea before when I did a review of the book Christian Atheist, and yet I cannot help but returning to it. If people who don’t believe in God don’t see a recognizable difference in those who do believe, then what reason would they ever have to change their views and give their life over to God? Think of someone you know who doesn’t believe in God and ask yourself if you were compared to them, in the things you do, what you say, what you think and how you act, would you stand out as different or would you be seen as the same?

Following Christ is deciding to take the narrow path. It isn’t easy to be a Christian, but it’s totally worth it. God sees past the facade that we put up for others. He is not stupid nor ignorant. And yes there is a difference in wanting to follow God and actually following God. 

Don’t let your actions deny the faith you claim to have. (Titus 1:16)

Let’s look deep today at ourselves and ask God to reveal to us anything that’s there which might be keeping us from fully following Him. I don’t ever want someone who claims to be an Atheist to say that there is no difference between the two of us except the fact that I wake up early on Sundays.



You can start again!


Well considering it’s been three months since my last post, the title of today’s post suits well: You Can Start Again!

There are so many places in life, especially my life where the idea of starting again comes into play. So many times, due to many different circumstances, I have found myself at the lovely place of blaaaahhhhhh! Either life has become too busy or things have not gone as planned, either way I find myself wanting to give up and turn into an introvert who stays in her pj’s all day watching episode after episode on Netflix- oh crap that has been me for like three months!!!!

For me, life starts to head that way when I get overwhelmed with my world. Health issues have been a major overwhelming factor for me as of late. Just for a recap, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 when I was 32 weeks pregnant with our second daughter. I had a double mastectomy a few weeks after giving birth and the last year has been full of additional doctor appointments, surgeries and procedures that I didn’t even know existed. I am thankfully on the closing end of this long year, but it’s been difficult to see past the fog that sickness can cause. The fog brought on by fear of the future. Not knowing if cancer will come back which leads to an apathetic attitude on life with the underlining idea that I could get sick again any day so why try anything new. Messed up- I know…

I’m usually not this open with my inner demons, but hey we can all start again and this time I’m starting again strong fully trusting that God’s got my back so I don’t need to worry. 

My starting again has included applying for a doctorate program, praying more, digging in deeper to the Word of God and spending more time on the floor playing with my kids. 

An amazing thing about waking up each day, which I don’t ever take for granted, is the fact that you are awake, alive and today can be the day you start again!

2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

What great news! Christ desires to make us new. All that was in our past is gone when we give it over to God. We are new in Him. Even as a Christian of many years, I still need a fresh start in Christ from time to time, where I shed the old and reach up for more that God has and let go of the world and the worry that goes with it. 

I don’t know where you are on your level of blahness; I don’t know what’s in your life that overwhelms you and makes you want to just stay in your pjs all day, but I do know a loving Savior who is there ready to make you new, to help pull you up and set your feet upon a rock. 

God Bless! It’s good to be back!


Alternative Friday Night Fun


For a lot of young adults, especially if you’re still single, finding something to do on a Friday night is a must. However, as a Christian, hitting up the bar and club scene isn’t on the top of our list. Well it’s not on my list at all. So when the bar and club aren’t worthy options, what else can we do besides go see a movie (since there are sooooo many appropriate movies to watch these days anyways [yes that is sarcasm]). So on today’s post I wanted to give you some alternative Friday night fun!

Alternative #1:

Right now Fall Festivals are everywhere. They are a ton of fun, free to get in to, and usually have live music playing. You can get some great food, maybe even watch a rodeo depending on where you live, and look through all the neat vendors. A great option for a fun night out with the gang.

Alternative #2:

Game or Card Night. I know board games are’t the first thing to register when thinking about Friday night, but playing board games with a group of close friends is actually a TON of fun! We go to board game nights at our church every so often, and I usually laugh so hard my stomach hurts. Some great board games to incorporate would be: Headbands, Ticket to Ride,  and Rummikub.

Alternative #3:

Have a sweet and spicy night at your house. Have all the girls bring something sweet, and all the guys bring something spicy. Then throw on a great throwback movie everyone loves, or like we do, play Kinect Party. That game is a ton of fun and is sure to get everyone involved.

Alternative #4:

Bonfire! Invite over all your closest friends and have a huge bonfire. Make ‘smores, roast hot dogs, play acoustic guitar. It’s a for sure fun night, especially now that the weather is getting cold.

Alternative #5:

Sand Volleyball tournament. Almost every public park has a sand volleyball court. Get a group together and put on a tournament. You could even buy dessert for the winning team if you go out to dinner afterwards.

So there are a few alternative options for Friday night fun. And try to do these thing without including alcohol. If nothing else, it will make your weekend a lot less expensive! Hope you have a great weekend!