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My Love is Not Enough


As a mom I want to be able to fix everything for my girls. If they can’t do something on the first try I jump in to the rescue and use my supermom skills to help them out. Any amount of shed tears, either from being hurt, sad and scared or from being in trouble, I want to wipe away, to kiss away and to love away. But my love is not enough.

The other week my youngest, Elizabeth, was miserable from RSV (a bad respiratory infection). For several nights in a row I sat up holding her so she could breath a little better and sleep a little more. As I was holding her, every ounce of my being wanted to take away her sickness. I thought maybe if I could just hold her more, make her giggle, play peek-a-boo for the 1,000th time, if I could just love on her more then maybe she would feel better. But my love is not enough.


There are times I lie awake at night with a fear that something might happen to my two precious girls. What if they were in an accident? What if someone took them? What if someone hurt them? I would lie there with such a deep love in my heart for them. A love so deep that I would do anything to make sure my girls are safe. But my love is not enough.

There will be a day in the future where my girls will become teenagers and they will be faced with all kinds of temptations and decisions to make for themselves. I would like to think that the amount of love I have for them will keep them from going down a bad path or will allow them to make all of the right choices. But my love is not enough.


And then there will be that day when they are gone. They are no longer living under my roof, under my protection, under my guidance. From a distance I will wonder, from a distance I will care, from a distance I will be there and from a distance I will love. But my love is not enough.


Yes, the love I have for my girls is so important. It is necessary, it’s needed and it does fix, help and heal some things. But my love is not enough.

The love our children need, the love that can protect them, that can heal all their diseases, the love that can mend a broken heart, the love that can guide them in the right direction, the love that can pour grace and mercy upon them, the love that knows them from the beginning to the end, the love that knit them together and knows the number of hairs on their head, the love that has a plan for them that is good, the love that willingly died so that my girls and all of us could live, the love that forgives….That Love Is Enough

Our babies need to know the love of Christ. It is His love that is enough. It will sustain them, it will fill them, it will bring them joy, peace, patience, gentleness, kindness, goodness and self-control. His love will forgive them and see them through. Moms out there recognize today that yes your love is so very important, but your love is not enough. Teach your children about the love of Christ, and in doing that you will be loving your kids in the best way possible.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)


Moms are AWESOME!


I have been bombarded this week by Facebook funnies, articles, conversations and even scripture that points out how awesome and needed moms are. This comes at a good time because the stay-at-home mom gig has been leaving me feeling a lot of blahhhhhhhhhhhh lately ( I really did try to find other words to use besides blah, but it just fit the best!).

Our society has made the job of mom feel so less important than anything else. I read a great article by Matt Walsh on this very idea. This is a section from Matt’s rant on society about how they currently view motherhood:

“I want to kick our backwards, materialistic society in the shins and say, “GET YOUR FREAKING HEAD ON STRAIGHT, SOCIETY.”

This conversation shouldn’t be necessary. I shouldn’t need to explain why it’s insane for anyone — particularly other women — to have such contempt and hostility for “stay at home” mothers. Are we really so shallow? Are we really so confused? Are we really the first culture in the history of mankind to fail to grasp the glory and seriousness of motherhood? The pagans deified Maternity and turned it into a goddess. We’ve gone the other direction; we treat it like a disease or an obstacle.

The people who completely immerse themselves in the tiring, thankless, profoundly important job of raising children ought to be put on a pedestal. We ought to revere them and admire them like we admire rocket scientists and war heroes. These women are doing something beautiful and complicated and challenging and terrifying and painful and joyous and essential. Whatever they are doing, they ARE doing something, and our civilization DEPENDS on them doing it well. Who else can say such a thing? What other job carries with it such consequences?”

My goal today is not to take on a feminist kick and say women are the best thing in the world, but I want to remind all of you moms out there that what we do is SO important!!!

Here is an example in scripture you might not always contribute to exemplifying motherhood, but it does. It’s subtle and often overlooked, it’s found in Matthew 14:13-21; Jesus feeding the five thousand. This is usually a familiar story to most Christians. The paraphrased version goes like this:

Jesus was with his disciples on a boat very tired, but a crowd of people (some say five thousand, some say a lot more than that) came to see Jesus. Despite being tired Jesus went to the people. He blessed and healed many, then the disciples pointed out it was getting late and the people needed to go home so they could eat. Jesus said no, let’s feed them. The only thing they could find was a small boy who had some fish and bread. Jesus blessed the food and it miraculously fed all who were there with a dozen baskets of leftovers.

So where is the mom in this story you may ask? Well the person who had the fish and loaves that Jesus used to multiply is described a s a boy. Now this is my own imagination added to the scripture, but I would think that that little boy had a mom somewhere who had taken the time to prepare a meal for her son. Maybe she wanted to go with but needed to stay home, or maybe she was there and had brought the food to feed her son. Either way, she had taken the time, as all mothers do, to think about the needs of her child. God used the workings of a mom through the meal provided to her child, who willingly handed it over to the Savior a miracle that we now read about today.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your job as mom. Parents are the ones who set the standard of who their children will become. We are their first teachers, loves, doctors, pointers towards Jesus.

I may go crazy at time being a stay-at-home mom, and there may come a day I go back to work, but my job, my God-given responsibility as a mom will always be the most important thing in my life.


Have a blessed weekend! Moms- hold your babies tight, they are such a blessing!

Always, Sometimes, Never


Well I’ve been writing my blog for almost four months and have come in contact with so many new people. I love the fact that the followers on this blog reside all over the world! How fun is that? On a blog I follow, the writer posted on things she always, sometimes and never does. It really helped me feel more connected to who she is and the personality that goes behind the writing, so I thought I’d give it a go!


I always wear earrings! I can leave my house in pjs and a t-shirt, but if I have on earrings then I feel it’s okay to embrace the world.

I always tell my husband to buckle up before he leaves for work. He is horrible at remembering this, and was even given a warning the other day because he was caught by the cop with no seatbelt! (I really did try to not laugh in his face, promise)

I always choose folding laundry over doing the dishes. I hate dishes! They smell, the appearance of wet food is disgusting and I would rather do any other choir.

I always tell my husband everything! So if you’re telling me something just know I will more than likely talk to my hubby about it.

I always eat crackers when I feel yucky. Not sure what’s in the make-up of a cracker, but for some reason it helps me feel better no matter what!

I always listen to Christian music. It’s been about three years since my radio has been tuned to anything but Christian.

I always make sure to apologize even when I don’t feel that I’m wrong. I know it makes me feel better to have someone apologize to me, so I try to do the same.

I always talk way more southern when I’m around my best friend. She has the best southern accent ever and it just pulls mine right out.


I sometimes stay up way too late watching documentaries on Netflix.

I sometimes talk to myself as I think out-loud. It’s really awkward though when you get caught.

I sometimes go buy an unsweet tea from McDonald’s even when I have a pitcher of tea in my fridge just because I love drinking from a straw, and for some reason their tea tastes so much better.

I sometimes still cry when I think about my best friend who passed away 13 years ago.

I sometimes wish I could be a missionary so I would have the opportunity to tell people about Jesus who have no idea who He is.

I sometimes wish I could have a huge garden and some chickens so I could grow my own veggies and have my own eggs, but then I remember how much work that would take and I realize I don’t have time for that.

I sometimes want to become a vegan because I would feel so much healthier, but it would be soooo hard to give up Chick-Fil-A forever.

I sometimes wish I was still a little kid so my mom could do everything for me again.


I never watch scary movies. I can’t even watch semi-scary shows without having a nightmare.

I never let my kids out of my sight. I am for sure an over-protective parent.

I never cuss. I can’t even stand to hear cuss words. I think it just insults the English teacher in me.

I never remember my umbrella. I am always the one who walks in soaked to the grocery store and then runs through the cold aisles because I’m freezing!

I never take for granted the time I have with my family. I know life is precious and that I’m not promised tomorrow.

I never pump my own gas; I make my hubby do that 😉

I never sleep in my bed if my husband isn’t home. For some reason the couch feels safer.

I never think I’m good enough to do what I know God has called me to do.

Well I could go on forever! But that’s a little more about me. Feel free to leave me a comment with one always, one sometimes and one never response so I can get to know you as well.

God Bless!


Fake Boobs and a Metal Leg


Fake boobs and a metal leg, really? What’s that all about? Well, that’s what I’m all about. How come, you ask? Cancer.

I’ve never really sat down and typed anything up directly dealing with my cancer experiences, but with it being Childhood Cancer Awareness month, I thought I’d give it a go. I’ve actually wanted to write this blog for quite a while, but I keep stopping myself from doing it. I had no idea how emotionally attached I am to the fact that I’ve had cancer twice, and to be honest, it’s hard to really write about without having to revisit some hard times. I’ve been in a mood this whole past week leading up to today; ask my husband he’ll vouch. It’s like the vaulted part of my mind that holds in fear, anger, worry and sadness, all due to this disease and how it has changed my life, was pried open and I was thrown inside to sit and dwell and deal. But it’s good. One lie cancer survivors like to often believe is that we can totally move on from cancer without any lasting effect. Even if there’s no physical change from dealing with this disease, there is still an emotional and mental altering. This altering is not all bad, but it’s definitely there to stay.

So briefly I want to share my two experiences of having had cancer with you. Now there is no way to capture all of the horrible and wonderful moments this disease has brought me in a simple blog, so know as you read know that this is just the tip of the iceberg….

The first time I ever remember hearing the word cancer was when I was told I had it. I was eleven; I just started the sixth grade. My life was good. I was very active and had lots of friends. I could run so fast, and I prided myself on how strong I was. I don’t think I had any awareness to death or disease. Why would I? But all that changed. Within two weeks I was diagnosed with Osteogentic Sarcoma, a form of bone cancer, and started an almost year-long cycle of chemotherapy. My cancer had attached itself to my left femur bone just a few inches above my knee. I still look back at pictures from right before the diagnoses to try and see if I could tell it was there. Well I can’t.

After about four months of horrible chemo, where I was in and out of the hospital weekly, I had my surgery. They removed most of my femur bone, my knee, and part of my thigh muscle. They replaced the bone and knee joint with a metal rod and artificial knee. I had 52 staples, was on crutches for 18 months and still adorn a scar that’s over a foot-long on my leg. After my surgery, I finished up six more months of chemo, I almost died, God healed me miraculously from needing a blood transfusion, I gave my life to Christ, met some of the most amazing people who forever changed my world, became a part of the Camp Sunshine family, a camp for kid’s with cancer, and was sent on my merry way.

Through the next seven years I went to at least five funerals of friends who didn’t make it….including one I considered to be a best friend.

But then just as easily as I packed up for college, I packed away all these years of memories and left that life. I went on to college, met my hubby, got married, dealt with Aaron being gone to Iraq twice, adding up to about three years total, within the first five years of our marriage. We got pregnant, praise God because cancer kids don’t ever really know if that will be able to happen until it does or doesn’t, we started our life in ministry, transitioned to another church after three years, got pregnant again and then happily ever after. The End!

I wish! Reality: At 32 weeks pregnant I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

It’s not yet been a year since this most recent diagnosis, but man it sure feels like ten! We found a lump in my milk duct; it was very small yet cancerous. After lots of doctor visits, which I abhor and possibly turn into an 11 year old all over again as soon as we walk in to the doctors’ office, we decided to have a double mastectomy with reconstructive surgery to rid me of this go at cancer. Now that decision wasn’t nearly as easy to make as it was to just type out. I had the option of them going in and only removing the 1cm size lump and doing six weeks of radiation, or I could take it all out.

Fake boobs. That’s something I never thought I’d have. God blessed me up top so I never dealt with the desire to add, I used to think how nice it would be to take some away, well watch what you wish for! I knew from the get go that a double mastectomy was what I needed to choose. I have a history of cancer, and am 88% more likely to get cancer again than the average person, so were boobs really worth it?

There was recently a lot of praise for Angelina Jolie on her decision to get a double mastectomy by choice to prevent the disease that took her mother. Honestly, my opinion changed about her some when I read that, but in reality, women everywhere have to make that choice every day.

I am so thankful for a loving husband that supports me in all I do. I know this choice would not only affect me, but would also affect my husband as well, so let me brag on him for just a bit. Aaron is so selfless; his love for me is so pure and true. Not once have I felt less of a woman since having this surgery, and he constantly makes me feel desired and attractive. Thank you Aaron; I love you!


Since deciding to have my breasts taken completely out, I didn’t have to have chemo or radiation. I did second guess my decision, but then my doctor called and they said that after doing a biopsy on all of my breast tissue they found an additional cancer. It was a sarcoma and had remained completely undetected!

You know, cancer is a lot of things, and there’s a lot that it’s not.

Cancer is serious Cancer isn’t always a death sentence

Cancer is hard Cancer isn’t a form a weakness

Cancer is scary Cancer isn’t in control

Cancer is cancer Cancer isn’t me

Cancer doesn’t define me. Fake boobs don’t define me. The fact that I walk with a slight limp and can’t run doesn’t define me.

Cancer is a part of who I am and who I’ve become. It’s attached to my salvation story. It’s the reason for hundreds of friendships and dozens of life-changing opportunities. Cancer provided me with a different perspective; gratefulness for life, but it doesn’t define me.

I know that as some of you read this you can’t sit there and connect to the positives of cancer; I know so many of you have lost a loved-one due to cancer. I pray that my family doesn’t have to feel what you’re feeling. I don’t want my husband to be wifeless, I don’t want my children to be motherless, I don’t want my parents to be daughterless and my sister to be sisterless. I want to always survive and live until I’m old and gray. But my reality is that that might not happen. Cancer could be my taker, and it could happen next year, or in twenty years. Because of this, I choose to live my life to the fullest. Much like the Tim McGraw song, “Live like You are Dying”, I know I am not promised tomorrow so I choose today to live! I live for love, and laughter, for memories, for fun. But most importantly, I live for Christ. He is my beginning and my end. Cancer is not my definer, Christ is.

Do I freak out every now and then or when I have a new pain in my body, thinking it might be cancer? Yes! Do I let it control me? No! For I do not live in “a spirit of fearfulness; but of power and love and discipline” (2 Tim. 1:7).

Fake boobs, a metal leg…a cancer survivor who is saved by the blood of Christ……that’s me!

Date Night!


Date Nights have always been the thing that has gotten me through a long week. If I knew there was a date night coming, I could make it through anything. My husband and I have always held date nights to be very important, and they are. Date nights help keep the romance and flirting alive in our relationship. We strive to have at least one official date night a month, where we go out without the kiddos. Now my hubby and I are on a tight budget, but we always find a way (usually an inexpensive, and sometimes free way) to enjoy an evening together kid free.

I wanted to share some of the date nights we have had just to give you an idea of what you can do, even on the tightest of budgets!

Date #1: Drive-In Movie

This one we did a ton when we lived in Kansas because there was a drive-in just a few miles from our house. Drive-In dates are the best and here’s why:

1. You get to see two or three movies, depending on the night of the week and how late you can stay awake, and it only costs $10.00 a car!

2. You have a great excuse to cuddle up, especially if it’s a little cold outside 🙂

3. You can bring in your own food, so we make sandwiches and bring in snacky stuff, this doesn’t cost us anymore money but it’s fun cause it’s like a picnic in the car!

Date #2: Progressive Dinner

There have been a couple of times where we have had the extra money to go out to dinner for our date, but if you just go to one restaurant the date ends a lot quicker, so sometimes we do a progressive dinner. We will start out at one place, where we really like an appetizer, and that’s all we’ll get there. Then we will move on to somewhere else for the main course, and then after a long romantic stroll in a park or downtown we will slip into an ice cream parlor or coffee shop for dessert. I LOVE doing this for our date night. It makes it feel like an adventure, and it lasts forever. Great date night choice for when the babysitter is free, like a grandparent (gotta love ’em)

Date #3: Movie-In

Now there have been months where we just didn’t have the money to go out, but we didn’t want to give-up our special time together, so we have a date night at home. We would put the girls to bed a little earlier, blow up an air mattress and put it in front of the T.V. . We’d pop popcorn, turn off cell phones, and cuddle down together for a good movie, and afterwards we would….ummm…you know….play scrabble!

Date nights don’t have to be expensive, or an over-the top kind of thing. What’s important is that you and your love are scheduling out quality time to spend together, and nothing comes in between it. A good tip for free babysitting: do a trade. Trade nights with some friend; watch their kids for free if they watch yours. Parents are a great help, but can’t be there all the time. Also you can bargain with a teen: I’ll feed you dinner if you watch my kiddos while we go out (works best on hungry college kids).

If you can’t remember the last time you had a date night with your hubby, then I encourage you to try one of these out. It’s an imperative part of a healthy marriage.

God Bless!

The Drinking Dilemma


Reader’s Question: “On the subject of drinking alcohol, where is the line?”

Is social drinking acceptable for a Christian? This question has been asked, digested, researched, and asked again for years and years. The bible does not address the issue of social drinking specifically, so therefore a lot of Christians have made their own conclusion that as long as they don’t get drunk then it’s okay to have something to drink every now and then…..right?

I have spent some time in prayer and study over how to answer this question properly, because it is a huge decision a lot of young adult Christians are trying to make. Will I allow alcohol in my life in any capacity, or will I fully abstain? And what are the reasons for choosing my answer?

So let’s take a look into this “drinking dilemma”.

First, we need to start by looking at what God’s word has to say on the topic of drinking. Here are just a few of the 75 verses that speak specifically on the issue of alcohol:

Eph. 5:18- “And do not get drunk with wine, for that is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit”

Gal. 5:21- “Envy, drunkenness, orgies, and things like these. I warn you, as I warned you before, that those who do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God.”

1 Cor. 6:10- “Nor thieves, nor the greedy, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

Just in these few verses it’s clear that drunkenness is a sin, and God wants us to have no part of it. So what about just having a drink?

I have heard over and over again from my Christian friends that are trying to justify drinking in their life say such things as, “I’m not getting drunk so it’s okay”.

Well let’s break apart this justification and see if it can still stand:

Justification: “I’m not getting drunk so it’s okay”

Drunkenness is a sin that is made clear in the Bible. So what constitutes being drunk? Is drunk when you can’t stand up and walk straight? Is it when you are puking all over yourself because your body is casting out the poison that you have poured into it? Or is it when you first feel that buzzed feeling? According to the DUI billboards, “Buzzed driving is the same as Drunk driving”. So when are we drunk? Since the answer to that question is a gray area, then one may not think or realize they are in the sin of drunkenness. In honesty, when someone is saying “I’m not getting drunk so it’s okay”, they are really saying, “how close can I get to sin without sinning?” As a true Christian, our goal is to not see how close we can get to sin without sinning, but rather to see how close we can get to God.

In Philippians 3, Paul is speaking about not having confidence in our flesh. When you see how close you can get to sin without sinning, you are putting confidence in the flesh and not in God. Just in case you didn’t know, our flesh will always fail us! Don’t be fooled into thinking that in being a casual drinker you are in control. If you must have a drink with dinner, or if you go to the bar, even if it’s only one, does not constitute control. If you do not think alcohol has any control in your life, then give it up completely for six months. For some of you, just the thought of that just made you cringe…alcohol has a controlling factor in your life

The justifications we present for socially or casually drinking do not stand when put them next to the Word of God. The real question we need to be asking ourselves when it comes to drinking is “why”. Why do we want to drink? What do we hope to gain from it? What is our purpose in it? If the answers to those questions do not line up with God, and I don’t see how they can because drinking is just an attempt at filling up a need that only God can fill, so then it’s clear that we need to have no part in drinking. Does this mean we can’t be friendly with those who drink? No. We need to be in friendships with nonbelievers so that we can disciple them to a knowing, accepting and thriving relationship with Christ. But to do that does not mean we have to join in on their sins to connect. Rather, by abstaining from those sins yet still trying to connect will have a much greater impact. Even if it’s not verbalized, people see that you can have such joy and peace in your life and it doesn’t come from emptying a bottle of beer or a glass of wine; it comes from Christ and the Holy Spirit dwelling within us. Give them something to long for, instead of just making you appear the same as them, but happening to also believe in God.

I encourage you all this week that if you do drink to challenge yourself to take that out of your life. Do a drinking fast. Give this area of your life completely over to God and see what He gives you back in return. if you have further questions about drinking and the bible please feel free to email me those questions or ask them as a comment. Again my email is:

God Bless!

Coming up on Monday: Tithing

Divine Hook-Up


About five years ago I encountered my first “Divine Hook-Up”. I was a young adult lady who had graduated college, was married, knew I believed in God but was still pretty far from His heart. I was at a fork in the road when it came to my walk with God. I was either going to take that next step on the path closer to God, or I was going to begin on a path that would lead me away from my Savior. I had been going to church for years and recently graduated from a Christian University, but I was still asking questions like: “what’s the point in going to church”, and “does it really matter if drinking is a part of my life”? I knew I wanted God to be a part of my life, but I didn’t understand how to go deeper with Him.

Then I met my first “Divine Hook-Up”, or in better words, a mentor. My life-changing mentor came in the form of Deven Wallace. She was the pastor’s wife at the church I had been attending for the past few months. I had been at the altar crying because I didn’t know what to do with the feelings God was giving me and the things He was trying to speak to my heart about that I just didn’t understand. That day she told me that “when I seek God in a secret place I will find Him and He will change me and begin to work through me.” She then went on to explain that a secret place is like a prayer closet, or a specific place where I go daily to seek out God in prayer and reading of the word and listening. But Deven didn’t stop there, after giving me a spiritual life change word of advice; she took me under her wing. I began to go to a women’s meeting where I felt the presence of God stronger than I have ever before. She pushed me to open one of those meetings with a quick word and prayer. I went to a women’s retreat where she continued to pour into me and where my spiritual life to a turn that has catapulted me to where I am today with Christ.

Deven was my first “Divine Hook-Up”. God placed her in my life to mentor me, by exampling to me what it looked like to go deeper in God than I had ever been. Years later, now I am a pastor’s wife of my own but knowing there was even more I needed guiding in. God very specifically aligned my path with that of Karen Yancey. Karen was studying to be a Christian Life-Coach and she asked if she could coach, or mentor in other words, me. I was so excited! Over the next year I met with Karen every other week for an hour. During those meetings Karen would ask me questions and then guide me into finding out my own answers. She led me down the path of realizing what God has called me to do. I look back on that time as priceless. Over those conversations, she poured into me and then allowed myself to discover what God had been putting in my heart over those past few years.

Life is hard. And so many times we find ourselves saying, “I wish I could talk to someone about x, y and z”, or wishing there was someone who could pour into us and help guide us along the way. That is what a mentor does. They align themselves next to a person and help them along the way, all the while encouraging them to grow closer to God.

There are a ton of examples of “Divine Hook-Ups” in the bible. In II Kings 2 you see the mentoring between Elisha and Elijah. In 1 Samuel 3 you see it between Samuel and Eli. In Esther 4:14 you see it between Esther and Mordeci. And then throughout the ministry of Jesus you see it very clear between Jesus and his disciples.

It is so important for each of us to find or create a “Divine Hook-Up” in our lives. We need to seek out someone who is where you want to be spiritually and then ask them to come alongside of you and pour into you. For them to be the person you can ask hard, embarrassing, practical and sometimes silly questions to, but knowing they will answer you in truth and in love from a Godly perspective. Someone you can reveal your biggest dreams and fears to, and they will spend time praying for you over those things. These “hook-ups” are the relationships that can change who we are for the better. They can lead us closer to God and bring us closer to the person we want to be.

I urge you that if you don’t have someone in your life right now that you could call a “divine hook-up” that you seek one out. Pray and ask God to open the door to you finding someone who will align themselves next to you and guide you through these years of young adulthood.

My main purpose in doing this blog is to have an outlet where I can pour into other young adult ladies. That is the area God has called me to. I know my life will be full of “divine hook-ups”. Some will be where others are pouring into me, and others will be where I have the honor to pour into others. My heart is mentoring. I know I’m still young, but I truly believe that as long as a person in one day further in life and one scripture ahead in the bible, then they can mentor the people one step behind them. Isn’t that what God has called us all to do anyways? Jesus said in Mathew 28:19, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations”, being a disciple to someone else is a form of mentoring.

We need to link arms with the people around us. Each person should be holding onto the arm of someone in front of them and behind them. All of us being discipled and all of us discipling someone else. And at the beginning of this linking of arms is Jesus Christ, who is the great disciple. The one we should all be following!

If you need a mentor and don’t know of one in your life currently, I would be honored to fill that role for you. We can either FaceTime once every two weeks or we can connect through email. My email address is send me an email and let me know in what way you would like to be personally mentored. It is best to be mentored face to face, but if that is not possible in your life right now, then I am more than willing to come up alongside of you and guide you in the areas I can.

God bless all of you ladies!

Coming up on Monday: Sharing your Faith