You can start again!


Well considering it’s been three months since my last post, the title of today’s post suits well: You Can Start Again!

There are so many places in life, especially my life where the idea of starting again comes into play. So many times, due to many different circumstances, I have found myself at the lovely place of blaaaahhhhhh! Either life has become too busy or things have not gone as planned, either way I find myself wanting to give up and turn into an introvert who stays in her pj’s all day watching episode after episode on Netflix- oh crap that has been me for like three months!!!!

For me, life starts to head that way when I get overwhelmed with my world. Health issues have been a major overwhelming factor for me as of late. Just for a recap, I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012 when I was 32 weeks pregnant with our second daughter. I had a double mastectomy a few weeks after giving birth and the last year has been full of additional doctor appointments, surgeries and procedures that I didn’t even know existed. I am thankfully on the closing end of this long year, but it’s been difficult to see past the fog that sickness can cause. The fog brought on by fear of the future. Not knowing if cancer will come back which leads to an apathetic attitude on life with the underlining idea that I could get sick again any day so why try anything new. Messed up- I know…

I’m usually not this open with my inner demons, but hey we can all start again and this time I’m starting again strong fully trusting that God’s got my back so I don’t need to worry. 

My starting again has included applying for a doctorate program, praying more, digging in deeper to the Word of God and spending more time on the floor playing with my kids. 

An amazing thing about waking up each day, which I don’t ever take for granted, is the fact that you are awake, alive and today can be the day you start again!

2 Corinthians 5:17 says, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!”

What great news! Christ desires to make us new. All that was in our past is gone when we give it over to God. We are new in Him. Even as a Christian of many years, I still need a fresh start in Christ from time to time, where I shed the old and reach up for more that God has and let go of the world and the worry that goes with it. 

I don’t know where you are on your level of blahness; I don’t know what’s in your life that overwhelms you and makes you want to just stay in your pjs all day, but I do know a loving Savior who is there ready to make you new, to help pull you up and set your feet upon a rock. 

God Bless! It’s good to be back!



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