Alternative Friday Night Fun


For a lot of young adults, especially if you’re still single, finding something to do on a Friday night is a must. However, as a Christian, hitting up the bar and club scene isn’t on the top of our list. Well it’s not on my list at all. So when the bar and club aren’t worthy options, what else can we do besides go see a movie (since there are sooooo many appropriate movies to watch these days anyways [yes that is sarcasm]). So on today’s post I wanted to give you some alternative Friday night fun!

Alternative #1:

Right now Fall Festivals are everywhere. They are a ton of fun, free to get in to, and usually have live music playing. You can get some great food, maybe even watch a rodeo depending on where you live, and look through all the neat vendors. A great option for a fun night out with the gang.

Alternative #2:

Game or Card Night. I know board games are’t the first thing to register when thinking about Friday night, but playing board games with a group of close friends is actually a TON of fun! We go to board game nights at our church every so often, and I usually laugh so hard my stomach hurts. Some great board games to incorporate would be: Headbands, Ticket to Ride,  and Rummikub.

Alternative #3:

Have a sweet and spicy night at your house. Have all the girls bring something sweet, and all the guys bring something spicy. Then throw on a great throwback movie everyone loves, or like we do, play Kinect Party. That game is a ton of fun and is sure to get everyone involved.

Alternative #4:

Bonfire! Invite over all your closest friends and have a huge bonfire. Make ‘smores, roast hot dogs, play acoustic guitar. It’s a for sure fun night, especially now that the weather is getting cold.

Alternative #5:

Sand Volleyball tournament. Almost every public park has a sand volleyball court. Get a group together and put on a tournament. You could even buy dessert for the winning team if you go out to dinner afterwards.

So there are a few alternative options for Friday night fun. And try to do these thing without including alcohol. If nothing else, it will make your weekend a lot less expensive! Hope you have a great weekend!


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