Pumpkins, Pumpkins Everywhere!


It’s that time of year again!!!!! FALL is HERE!!! My favorite season for many reasons, and one happens to be the ability to display some awesome fall decor. Right now pumpkins are everywhere and I so badly want to cut into some and make them cute, but I know if I do this early in the season, then they won’t last very long. So today I am going to show you some awesome carving alternatives for those cute little pumpkins.

Bedazzle it Up!


Love this play with buttons. So easy and so cute. All you need are buttons and a glue gun. I really like the girly touch with the bow on top, but you could add a lot of different things to the stem to change-up the look. You could make a friendly ghost by covering the stem with a white felt cloth and even add some small buttons for the eyes 🙂


Another great idea for decorating that pumpkin and front walkway. These pumpkins are just adorned with black-balled push pins. How easy and what a great eye-catcher!

Painted Pumpkins:

Now there are endless ideas when it comes to painting a pumpkin. So much fun and you can get any look or color scheme you want. Here are a few of the favorite ones I have seen online.




Now when the time for pumpkin carving comes I found the cutest idea on WomensDay.com


This whale is perfect for a fun twist on pumpkin carving. Now I’ve never really been into carving the creepy kinda pumpkins. I always try to make my house look welcoming, and this whale is as welcoming as it gets! Looks pretty easy to do, I’ll have to post a pic of my whale when it gets carved later next month.

Hope these pics inspired you to go pick up a pumpkin and be creative! God Bless you this week.

pumpkin pics were found on the following websites: Todaysmama.com, nobiggie.com, and womansday.com


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