Awesome Jewelry Organizer


I love jewelry! My favorite kind is not the expensive real stuff, but the fun costume jewelry you can find at Target, Claire’s and department stores. I especially like it when I can walk out of a store with five new pieces of jewelry yet spent less than ten dollars. I am always looking for a good sale! And the best part about jewelry is no matter what my waist size happens to be that month, my jewelry always fits perfect.

My jewelry habit didn’t really pick up speed until recent years. During college I always wore the same three pieces, and every now and then I’d buy some new earrings. But now I realize the awesome power of jewelry; you can take an outfit you’ve worn a ton of times but add some different jewelry to it and presto change-o you have a totally new look! Buying jewelry is much cheaper than new clothes and it’s a fun way to incorporate trendy fashions on classic looks.

Because I began buying so many new pieces, I started running into the problem of where to put it all (this is a good problem I might add). I tried the draw-string silky jewelry pouch….didn’t work, my necklaces got all tangled. I tried the fold up hang down jewelry organizer…didn’t work either, made it too hard to see what all I have. But then when I thought my jewelry problems were here to stay I stumbled across the most beautiful picture ever displayed on Pinterest!


This lovely little charmer can be found on Spirit Ranch Creations. It’s hand made and wonderful!!! Husbands reading this out there, if your wife loves jewelry and has a ton of it in ten different places taking over every solid surface in your bedroom and/or bathroom, then this would be the best gift to give. My hubby, after several apparent hints, bought me this for my birthday two years ago. Love it! It makes it so easy to see all of my stuff! I am almost at the point where I need to get a second one though……

So if you’re like me and you LOVE the dangles, hoops, bangles, beads, feathers and pearls then you should for sure hook yourself up with this great organizer!!!!! Your welcome in advance 🙂

Hope you have an awesome Wednesday!


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