Things I got at my baby shower but NEVER used


I am the proud mother of two beautiful little girls. Eleanor Ruth is 4 1/2 and the most beautiful, kind, compassionate, curious little girl ever, and my Elizabeth Brielle, who is almost 10 months old, is sweet, yet head-strong, cuddly yet independent and absolutely adorable! I love them so very much; all the stuff that goes along with them, not so much.

I was very blessed at both of my baby showers to receive almost everything I asked for, so it’s all my fault that I have thing after thing for my baby girls that I never really needed. It’s not easy when you’re an up and coming mom to know what is important to have and what will just become a dust collector, so I’m going to share a short list of items I got but never used as a new mom.

1. The cute, sweet crib bedding

I know, this is horrible, right? The thing I was the most excited about, spent the longest looking at, and was one of my more expensive gifts was never really used. Sure it was displayed from baby shower to birth in the perfectly neat and tidy nursery I had all done up, but once Eleanor born I soon realized that those big plush crib bumpers were also a major hazard to the little life I just birthed. Out they went along with the blanket that was only decorative anyway. I’d say about $200.00 worth of what could have been diapers sat so nicely crunched up inside of two plastic trash bags in the downstairs basement. I know it’s tempting to get, but in reality all you need are a few fitted sheets for the crib and some soft blankets to swaddle with.

2. Manuel Hand Pump

This was probably the most painful mistake of a purchase I’ve ever made! I like a good deal, and the high priced pumps that do all the work for you just didn’t fit into my saving money mind, so I bought the manual hand pump thinking I was so smart. Well let’s just say God blessed me with working girls up top, because they produced a ton of milk, and that manual pump was a joke! It was like milking a cow using tweezers. Needless to say, me and my hubby made a painful drive down to the baby store and bought the automatic, best in class breast pump. Don’t skimp on the pump. If you do, you will be in pain from the abundant production of milk that is trying to find it’s way out!

3. Sounds of the Womb Teddy

I was so excited to get this as a gift. The sweet sounds of the womb made me smile…until it was two o’clock in the morning, I hadn’t slept in three days and all I could hear was this seemingly loud noise screaming at me from the demon possessed teddy sitting in my daughter’s crib. You can probably guess that I had a wonderful time at ripping out the battery pack on that one. Now we have an expensive teddy bear that sits in a closet (somewhere).

4. Tub temperature Ducky

I understand the importance of the tub temperature ducky, the last thing I wanted to do as a new mom was think my baby enjoyed the same hot baths that I do, but seriously this duck showed that freezing cold water was too hot. I was a basket case for my first few bathing experiences with our new baby because I was scared to death to put this innocent child into the obviously too hot water according to Mr. Ducky!! Well, after a few outbursts and a much calmer husband, I handed over bath duty and somehow HIS motherly instinct happened to know by touching the water with his hand if it was the right temperature or not.

I could go on, but I won’t. Instead I will give you a short list of the things I loved and used (and still use)

What To Expect: The First Year by Heidi Murkoff

My wonderful play-yard that has served in multiple capacities. Spend the extra money to get the one with the built-in bassinet. That is where my kids slept for the first several months of their lives. 

Bottle washer for the washing machine. I use that thing daily.

Comfy pjs. I know the cute expensive outfits are much more appealing, but in reality, pjs or a onsie and soft pants are the best.

My awesome stroller! This thing can hold four cups and ten shopping bags! Love it!!

The thing that you can portion out formula into so you don’t have to bring the whole can with you everywhere.

Baby swing. This has allowed for many good night sleeps that would have been sacrificed to runny noses and congested chests. The swing keeps the baby upright, so they sleep better with a cold or when teething.

Baby monitor. I have both the video one, where you can see the baby. I use that one in my four year old’s room, and a sound monitor which I use when my ten month old is napping.

Soothies, car-seat mirror, good diaper bag with lots of pockets. An insulated bottle bag, a clip for the paci, a bag of big blocks (great for the baby and big girl), Baby Praise videos. There is more but my ten month old is trying to take over the laptop so I’m gonna go.

God Bless! Have a great week!

Coming up on Friday, Modest is Hottest!


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  1. I would like to add that crazy insanely unpractical PJ that had button’s instead of snaps. 3am, just got to sleep, and then crying baby and trying to figure out how to UNBUTTON that crazy thing to change a diaper. I almost lost my salvation.

  2. Really all you need is love and God will guide you all the way..Kristi you are an AWESOME MOM. Blessing are all around you with those 2 beautiful girls….who we thought you’d never be able to have 🙂 God is good ❤ Love you bunches, Aunt Fay

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