Date Night!


Date Nights have always been the thing that has gotten me through a long week. If I knew there was a date night coming, I could make it through anything. My husband and I have always held date nights to be very important, and they are. Date nights help keep the romance and flirting alive in our relationship. We strive to have at least one official date night a month, where we go out without the kiddos. Now my hubby and I are on a tight budget, but we always find a way (usually an inexpensive, and sometimes free way) to enjoy an evening together kid free.

I wanted to share some of the date nights we have had just to give you an idea of what you can do, even on the tightest of budgets!

Date #1: Drive-In Movie

This one we did a ton when we lived in Kansas because there was a drive-in just a few miles from our house. Drive-In dates are the best and here’s why:

1. You get to see two or three movies, depending on the night of the week and how late you can stay awake, and it only costs $10.00 a car!

2. You have a great excuse to cuddle up, especially if it’s a little cold outside đŸ™‚

3. You can bring in your own food, so we make sandwiches and bring in snacky stuff, this doesn’t cost us anymore money but it’s fun cause it’s like a picnic in the car!

Date #2: Progressive Dinner

There have been a couple of times where we have had the extra money to go out to dinner for our date, but if you just go to one restaurant the date ends a lot quicker, so sometimes we do a progressive dinner. We will start out at one place, where we really like an appetizer, and that’s all we’ll get there. Then we will move on to somewhere else for the main course, and then after a long romantic stroll in a park or downtown we will slip into an ice cream parlor or coffee shop for dessert. I LOVE doing this for our date night. It makes it feel like an adventure, and it lasts forever. Great date night choice for when the babysitter is free, like a grandparent (gotta love ’em)

Date #3: Movie-In

Now there have been months where we just didn’t have the money to go out, but we didn’t want to give-up our special time together, so we have a date night at home. We would put the girls to bed a little earlier, blow up an air mattress and put it in front of the T.V. . We’d pop popcorn, turn off cell phones, and cuddle down together for a good movie, and afterwards we would….ummm…you know….play scrabble!

Date nights don’t have to be expensive, or an over-the top kind of thing. What’s important is that you and your love are scheduling out quality time to spend together, and nothing comes in between it. A good tip for free babysitting: do a trade. Trade nights with some friend; watch their kids for free if they watch yours. Parents are a great help, but can’t be there all the time. Also you can bargain with a teen: I’ll feed you dinner if you watch my kiddos while we go out (works best on hungry college kids).

If you can’t remember the last time you had a date night with your hubby, then I encourage you to try one of these out. It’s an imperative part of a healthy marriage.

God Bless!


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