Sharing Your Faith


I’m amused at myself right now; usually when I sit down to blog my fingers so easily type out what is stored up in my head, but today, not so much. I find myself sitting here perplexed at where to start. And what’s even more humorous is that the exact topic I’m typing on today is much the same. It’s hard to share our Faith.

When asked why more Christians don’t share their Faith I seem to have found three common reasons: it scares them to death; they don’t know where to start; they aren’t living like a Christian should.

The first and most common reason people don’t share their Faith and talk about their Savior is because it scares them silly. I mean the fastest buzz kill to any conversation is usually brought on when religion is brought up. I know for me, I have had those scared straight moments, usually at the check out of a Walmart, where I feel like I’m supposed to talk to the girl behind the register about God’s love, but all I can muster up is a quick God Bless as I grab my receipt and run out the door. What in the world? I mean Jesus hung on a cross, naked by the way, to save me from my sins and I can barley say God loves you to a cashier who might need to hear that way more than my pride needs to not feel embarrassed.

Now don’t get me wrong, I totally understand that this is a legit fear, and it effects a lot of people, but that doesn’t mean we just don’t do anything. Here is one way I slowly overcame my fear; I started small. Now I don’t tell this story for bragging rights, I just want to show you that when we are even the smallest bit willing to share our Faith, God can do amazing things. So I was in college and my best friend and I loved to go to this particular Mexican restaurant. I had been pushing myself to share my Faith more but was still uneasy about doing that verbally, so at the end of my meal, and after leaving a good tip (that’s very important), I simply wrote Jeremiah 29:11 and God Loves You on the top of my signed receipt. I left that day and didn’t think anything else of it; until I came back next time and had the same server. He came up to our table as usual, but then all of the sudden became very excited and teary eyed. He said you are the girls who wrote that scripture and that God Loves Me on your receipt. He then went on to tell us that he had fallen away from God, but that night after reading what I wrote, he went home found his bible, found that verse and began reading. He said he read for hours. He rededicated his life to Christ. And then he thanked us. I did nothing to be thanked for, it was my cowardly way of sharing my Faith, but God still used it and in an amazing way! So even if you’re too afraid to share your Faith through a conversation, don’t not share it. Find a way, even a small and seemingly insignificant way; God can do huge things!

The second reason a lot of Christians don’t share their Faith is because they don’t know where to start. In the same way that I didn’t know how to start this blog, we often get tongue tied on what to say. I mean it’s a little awkward for both parties when a random stranger just walks up to you and starts asking personal questions, like do you believe in God. So where do we start? For me, it starts with my attitude. I certainly am not sharing Jesus when I’m speaking rudely to the drive-through kid who took two minutes instead of 30 seconds to make me my fires. However, if I can show God’s love through my attitude by being an uplifting part of someone else’s day, then in a way I’m sharing my Faith. Also, it starts by living out my walk with Christ in a non-hypocritical way. If I’m daily striving to be more like Christ, then that will reflect in my conversations, my attire, my attitude and the way I treat others. And when I see the same cashier the third time, because I’ve purposely gone to the same line so I can establish some kind of relationship, then it becomes a lot easier to say God loves you!

One thing my husband does, which made me very uncomfortable at first, is he asks our waitress or waiter if there is anything we can pray for them when we go to pray over our meal. Yes sometimes we get the quick “No” and then our drinks never get refilled because they are scared to come back in our direction, but then there are times our server has started crying pouring out a lot of pain. And we prayed.

When we take our eyes off of ourselves and put them on the cross, we start to see things differently. There are a lot of people dying and going to hell, but we have the opportunity, through Christ, to bring others with us to Heaven by introducing the love and saving power of Jesus Christ.

I encourage you to put yourself out there this week. In one way or another, show someone, tell someone, or write to someone about the love of God.

Hope you have a blessed day!

Coming up on Wednesday: To Spank or Not to Spank


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