Time Away


Ever heard of the saying, “distance makes the heart grow fonder”? Well I have lived that truth out a lot! Right now I am a 17 hour drive away from my hubby and two beautiful little girls, and let me tell ya, I miss them so much! The reason I never posted on Monday, which I’m sorry for, was because I finished the last 8 hours of a drive to Orlando, Florida where I presently am with four teenage girls at National Fine Arts and Youth Convention.

I hate being far from my family, but honestly ladies it is good to take time away every now and then. Last night at the service God was able to move on me in a way that couldn’t have happened if my girls were here with me.

I was once told by an amazing mentor of mine, Deven Wallace, that when I seek God in my secret place He will do amazing things in me and through me. It’s hard to find secret places when every corner of my house has a toy in it, but in the moments, the rare opportunities I have to slip away from the world of mommy I try to take advantage of it and spend some deep quality time with God.

This is definitely not going to be my longest post, I am currently typing this on my phone in between performances of the teenage girls, but I wanted to take a few moments and encourage you ladies to take some time away. Even if that means asking the in-laws or best friend to watch the kiddos, or telling someone  no when they ask you to do another favor, it’s worth those few moments to be alone and soak in God.

I felt guilty at first about leaving my girls and hubby or a whole week, but God quietly whispered to my heart: “you don’t need to be there all the time because I am. However, I need you to go so I can pour into you what you’ve been too busy to hear.”

I hope you all have a great week. I will try to post on Friday but if I don’t I will see you on Monday!


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