The Meal that Keeps on Giving


Reader’s Question: “What are some healthy cheap meals I can make for my family?”

It’s hard to combine healthy and cheap at times, but if you are willing to put in a little more effort, I have found that it is possible.

One meal that I have started cooking this past year to accomplish my cheap yet healthy goal has been crock-pot chicken. I ran across this recipe idea on What you do is buy a young chicken from the store; I use Tyson Young Chicken (without the innards). I can usually find the Tyson Young Chicken for as low as four dollars for the whole chicken! That’s a great deal, especially since you get enough chicken out of it to make three meals. You can also find a twin pack for around eight dollars, that way you can cook one now and freeze one for later so when you are running low on the budget you have something that can get you the base of three meals and it’s already been bought!

Now cooking this crockpot chicken is VERY simple. As long as you have a crockpot, then you’re good. Here are the simple steps to making this chicken:

Step 1: Unwrap the chicken and remove the bags of innards, if you bought one that included the innards (I do not, it’s cheaper that way).

071013 160

Step 2: Give the chicken a quick rinse. (The money you save is worth having to handle a dead bird!)

Step 3: Place the chicken in a crockpot that has been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray. You do not need to add any liquids, just the chicken.

Step 4: Sprinkle your favorite spices on the chicken. I usually use Nature’s Seasoning. Then place the lid on top, set on low and walk away for seven or eight hours.

071013 163                            071013 165

Seven hours later you have a cooked chicken ready to eat!! But you don’t just have a cooked chicken, you also have the juice left over in the crock-pot which is easily turned into your very own low sodium chicken broth. Just add about five cups of water and let it cook on the low setting. Then drain the bones and store the liquid and there you go, free homemade chicken broth!

After you have served the chicken for dinner, I serve it alongside some fresh veggies, then pick off the rest of the chicken and refrigerate. I usually make my homemade chicken pot pie and some chicken salad sandwiches out of the leftover chicken. You can also make some easy chicken casseroles as well.

If you want more great ideas on how to save in the kitchen keep reading! Also check out!

Have a blessed week!

Coming up on Friday: Selfishness vs. Self-Love


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