Clutter Killer


Clutter. I Hate Clutter! Clutter is a killer. It’s a killer of peace, of romance and sometimes even kindness.

Okay so truth is, I have an eight month old, a four year old and a husband so my home is very familiar with clutter. Sometimes it seems as though everywhere I look I see a highchair, a toy, an Xbox controller and all of its lovely cords or stacks upon stacks of junk mail and bills that have not been filed. At times, my fridge was dying a slow death to drowning in preschool art projects; my couch was overrun with this week’s unfolded laundry, and let’s not even talks about dishes!

It’s almost like my clutter became an outward symbolic, yet annoyingly tangible appearance of how busy, tired, overwhelmed and sometimes just plain lazy our lives were.

I know for a fact that when my house was full of clutter and mess, my patience with my husband and kids was a LOT shorter. Clutter is a killer of peace. My family would come home after three or four days in a row of being very busy and we would try to relax and have some good family time, but we couldn’t because my house did not promote the peaceful environment we needed to rest and enjoy each other.

There were even times when my husband and I were in “the mood” and it lasted all the way to the bedroom, until we started tripping on dirty clothes and moving toys out from under us on our bed. I remember feeling so frustrated that night. All I wanted was a few moments of romance with my husband but once again it was killed by clutter.

Clutter has also been a culprit in causing unkind words to be shared within the four walls of my home. When your house is a mess and filled with clutter, it is hard to feel at ease with each other.

So obviously I had a problem on my hands that I was either going to solve or it was going to get the best of me. Our clutter problem started to be resolved around the same time I implemented a schedule for my four year old. The schedule helped with the mess because I was now finding one to two undisturbed hours of cleaning a day. And as for the clutter, I researched some easy ways to start clearing out the chaos. One thing I did was I took a weekend and went into each major room of my house with either a garbage bag or box. The point was that I had to fill up the bag or box with items I no longer needed. Items I had not touched or used within the last year. I got rid of at least 15 old t-shirts from my dresser. I was holding on to them for sentimental purposes only. However, those extra non-needed and never worn shirts were keeping me from neatly storing the shirts I did wear. And if it’s a memory from a shirt you’re trying to keep, then start a cloth scrapbook. Just cut out the main part of the shirt that shows the memory and put it in a scrapbook. Put pictures that go along with the shirt and maybe write a paragraph to shares those memories. Now, you haven’t lost the memory but you have saved your space.

I also bought some simple and cheap storage and organizational tools to help with paper clutter, to organize our shoes and to keep the laundry room and bathrooms neat and tidy as well.

If feels so good now, knowing that after a busy day my family can come home to a clean and much less cluttered home than before. My home is by no means Martha Stuart approved, but now if I start to see clutter and messes build up I recognize the importance to taking the time and putting things away, throwing things out and adding organization where it is needed. And at the end of my busy day I actually get to rest and enjoy my family, and that makes it all worth it!

Coming up on Friday: Forgiving Ourselves

Be Blessed!


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  1. I go on penalty runs. I give a five to ten minute warning, depending on the size of the mess. During that time, everyone in our family goes through the main living areas of our home (living room, dining room, kitchen, etc.) picking up anything that doesn’t belong there. Anything that’s not put away when the time is up goes into the “penalty box” where it stays for one week. Works like a charm every time.

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