Going to the Source


Reader’s Input: “The best advice I was ever given and now give to others is ‘what does God’s word say about x, y and z’”.

My husband Aaron and my best friend Laura have always been the two people I turn to whenever I need advice or have questions about what to do in a situation. They know me and they know how to answer me, which can be good and bad. It hasn’t been until recently, I’m talking the last year that I have genuinely tried to go to God first before I go to Aaron and Laura. It’s not that they give ungodly advice, I’m actually blessed to have such Godly people in my inner circle, but they do not see the situation through God’s eyes. So their seemingly good advice might not be what God wants for me in that particular situation.

The importance of going to God first increases drastically when the people we would normally go to are not committed followers of Christ. The reason for this is that they will not give you advice that is based on biblical truth.

Luke 12:31 says, “But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you.”

This passage of scripture is found under the section titled “Do Not Worry”. We often worry about things more than we should, which leads us to seeking out others for advice in hopes that it will make our situation better, or even go away. My husband always says that women feel like their problem gets smaller by sharing it with more people; however, the opposite is true for a guy. They think the more who know; the bigger the problem is, so they just keep it to themselves. I would have to agree with my husband, I like to share my situations with those who I know will listen not only in hopes of making my problem feel smaller, but because I really just want to tell others about it. It feels good to be affirmed through our friends that what we are facing is so hard, or so good, but in doing that we will not find the solution and it may even lead us out of the will God has for us.

In Genesis 3:1, this is where Eve is being tempted by Satan to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, Satan says to Eve, “Did God really say….”

Satan is trying to trick Eve by thwarting the word of God and what she believes to be true about God. Satan also does this to Jesus in Matthew 4:1-11. Satan starts by tempting Jesus to turn stone into bread so Jesus can eat. He then he tempts him to put God to the test by throwing himself off the highest point of a temple to see if the angels will lift him up. Finally Satan tempts Jesus by showing him all of the kingdoms of the world and offering them to Jesus if only Jesus would bow down and worship Satan. The good news is that unlike Eve, Jesus does not give into temptation. What he does do though is each time he is tempted, he responds with the word of God. This is what keeps him strong and in the will of God.

The same is true for us, if we want to respond appropriately to the situations in our life, we need to not only have the word of God in our hearts, but we also need to go to God and seek his wisdom, and his will over each area of our lives. The world is great at thwarting God’s truth. So if we are going to the world, meaning people or books or the internet, to find answers to our questions, then we are opening the door for Satan to come in and use those resources to his advantage.

I’m not saying God can’t use other ways to speak to us. I know for a fact God has spoken to me through people, books and the internet. But in those situations, I have also gone first to God with my problem or question, allowing him the opportunity to speak into my heart the truths of his word. Through doing that, I found a peace in the worst of situations because the giver of peace was the one I was seeking.

I encourage you this week to seek God first when a situation or question comes up. Allow him the opportunity to be the first one to pour into you.

Coming up on Wednesday: Sanity through Scheduling

Have a blessed week!


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