Groceries: Saving at the Supermarket


Reader’s Question: “How can I get more for my money? Seems like we spend way too much money on like no groceries.”

Nothing is more frustrating than spending an hour aimlessly walking around your grocery store grabbing this and that, trying to find stuff for the week; spending way too much money then getting home finding yourself saying, “There is nothing to eat!” Or you go to cook dinner and find out you are one ingredient short to making a fabulous feast. I’m sure we can all relate to this annoyance in one way or another.

So, how do we keep from over-spending on what feels like useless stuff when we go to the grocery store? Plan Ahead! I know this seems way too simple to be the solution, but it is.

God desires for us to be wise with what we have and to take time to plan so we won’t get caught up in a lazy life.

Proverbs 24:27 says, “Do your planning and prepare your fields before building your house”, (or in the Kristi Amplified Version: plan your grocery list before going to the grocery store). It goes on to say in verse 33 and 34 that, “a little extra sleep, a little more slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest- then poverty will pounce on you like a bandit”.

We need to be good stewards of what God has given us, and one way to do that is through planning ahead.

So after finding myself in the budget busting shopping trip one too many times, I decided things had to change. So I turned to the glamorous to find my solution. I ran across an awesome blog called, and found some practical advice on how to save as you shop. The biggest thing I learned was that we have to plan ahead to save. Being determined, I sat down with my pen and paper and wrote out a meal plan for the week. It included the following meals:

Pork Tenderloin
Broccoli (bought fresh, then steamed)
Yellow rice

Crock-pot Chicken (this awesome money saver meal will be featured in a following week)
Green beans
Wild rice

Steak Patties (frozen and cheap! But so yummy, and my toddler loves them)
Mashed Potatoes

Chicken Quesadillas (one of my favorite home-made meals, send me an email if you want the recipe)

Lasagna (frozen, of course)
Cream Corn

Hot Dog/Hamburgers on grill
Left-over veggies

Crock-pot Soup (ready before church, no hassle so I can get my Sunday nap in!)

Believe it or not, I only spent 67 dollars on all of this. I also bought sandwich bread, turkey and chips for lunches! If you do the math our family of three eaters ate for 3.19 a day! Beat that McDonald’s.

So the next time you go shopping, stop and take 15 minutes to plan ahead. It will save you money and frustration; plus you will already know what to cook each night that week which will save you a headache.

Hope this helps. There will be lots more blogs on how to save in the kitchen, how to cook cheap but healthy and how to budget your life. So keep reading!

Coming Up On Friday: I love me, I love me not

Have a blessed day


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    • Remembering is part of the challenge, but the more you add this into your shopping routine the easier it is and the more natural it becomes to plan ahead. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but I bet they put at least one stone in the ground 🙂

  1. Great advice and so true! Yeah, I try to set aside one day a week where no matter what I will bite the bullet and just plan and shop. And if we need to spend less on groceries I will try to plan meals that include ingredients we already have. That definitely helps! Also, I’ve found that keeping an eye out for which items are cheaper at which store can save a lot too.

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